Hasselt University will work more closely with a vaccinator from Alken

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It is an illusion to think that one or two vaccinations will get us through. The weaker ones will probably have to be vaccinated again next year. So says doctor Erik Buntinx. He heads the Anima Research Center in Alken, currently the largest research centre in the world where the Janssen vaccine is being tested on people. 

At the Anima Research Centre in Alken, two corona vaccines are currently being tested: the Johnson&Johnson vaccine and a Chinese vaccine. The company will also have a department on the university's Health Campus from next month, reports TVL. 

At Hasselt University, they are happy that the centre is opening a department in Diepenbeek. "It is a company we can be proud of in Limburg," says Professor Piet Stinissen of UHasselt. "They are closely involved in new medical developments. The company also employs a lot of people. We hope that they can contribute to the medical sector in our province."


For Anima, too, there are advantages to cooperating with the university. "There can be cross-pollination, because they can bring us things that we can investigate," says Anima Research Centre principal investigator Erik Buntinx. "And we may have questions that they could address. It's all possible then."

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