• Positive results of research treatment-resistant depression

    Alken - 30.11.22

    Suffering from depression that does not respond to existing treatments is obviously one of the most profoundly human diseases. Our principal investigator and CEO Dr. Erik Buntinx, psychiatrist, as one of the world experts on depression, has been researching new treatments for depression, including esketamine, for decades. This research has very recently led to a new breakthrough, published by

  • Anima Research Center participates in research on RSV vaccine

    DIEPENBEEK - 14.09.22

    Belgium's largest clinical research center encourages further participation in studies to evaluate vaccines Anima Research Center is currently recruiting participants to participate in a clinical trial for an RSV vaccine by Moderna Alken, Belgium - Sept. 15, 2022: One of Europe's largest leading clinical research centers, Anima Research Center, based in Alken, Belgium, calls

  • UNICEF signs supply agreement for Clover COVID-19 vaccine

    NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN - 21.02.22

    NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN, 7 December 2021 - UNICEF and Clover Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. have signed a long-term agreement for the supply of the Clover COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the COVAX Facility.

  • Anima expands: overview of news items

    Diepenbeek - 18.02.22

    On 1 June, the Anima Research Centre will open a department at the Health Campus in Diepenbeek. This will allow for closer cooperation in the future between Hasselt University and the test centre in Alken, where vaccines are tested.

  • Positive results from research on excessive sleepiness (idiopathic hypersomnia)

    Diepenbeek - 12.01.22

    Last year, Anima Research Center participated in a clinical trial in patients suffering from excessive sleep drive or idiopathic hypersomnia. This is a condition characterized primarily by excessive daytime sleepiness and prolonged sleepiness at night that often causes patients to have difficulty functioning in daily life. Here there was previously no medication

  • RSV Awareness Month: the story of Sarah

    Diepenbeek - 29.10.21

    RSV is a major cause of severe respiratory disease in high-risk adults, young children and the immunocompromised. Watch Sarah's story to learn why it's important to monitor for symptoms of RSV, and to seek further testing when things don't seem right.

  • Doctor Erik Buntinx: "Government should show leadership and make vaccinations mandatory".

    - 25.10.21

    "The government should show leadership and mandate vaccination with the corona vaccine for everyone." So says Dr. Erik Buntinx of the Anima Research Center in Alken. According to him, the vaccines are the only answer to the corona pandemic. The Alken research center is looking for 200 new subjects for a new study with the booster vaccine and

  • Janssen Announces Start of Phase 3 Trial for Investigational Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine in Older Adults

    - 2.10.21

    RARITAN, N.J., September 29, 2021 - The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson today announced the initiation of its Phase 3 EVERGREEN study. The study will evaluate the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of Janssen's investigational adult vaccine against lower respiratory tract disease (LRTD) caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), when compared with placebo in

  • Johnson & Johnson Announces Real-World Evidence and Phase 3 Data Confirming Strong Protection of Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine in the U.S.

    - 24.09.21

    NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., September 21, 2021 - Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) (the Company) today announced new data reinforcing the strong and long-lasting protection of its COVID-19 vaccine. New data also showed that protection against COVID-19 increases when a booster shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is administered. The safety profile of the vaccine

  • Vaccine testing capacity expands in Limburg through new Anima research centre site

    - 15.06.21

    The Anima Research Center, currently the largest research center in the world where the Janssen vaccine is tested on humans, is opening a new site at UHasselt's Science Park. The new research center will increase the testing capacity for new vaccines. For example, the team will soon start developing a new vaccine against the RSV virus.