• Newsletter November 2023

    - 6.11.23

    Dear Readers, With the changing season also comes a fresh breeze of exciting developments and innovations in the world of clinical research. We are delighted to welcome you to the fall edition of our newsletter, in which we would like to update you on the latest news, research projects and events taking place within the Anima Research Center.We are determined to

  • Newsletter September 2023

    - 4.09.23

    Dear readers, Meanwhile, 2023 is already more than halfway through and summer vacation is drawing to a close. High time for a new edition of the Anima Research newsletter, in which we would like to update you on the latest study results and exciting new developments and studies at the Anima Research Center. In addition, we would also like to express our sincere gratitude

  • World first in Alken: research center tests improved antibody treatment against omikron variant

    Alken - 1.07.23

    Anima Research Center in Alken will soon collaborate on a new study of an improved antibody treatment against the coronavirus. This extra shot, on top of the vaccine, should adequately protect the most vulnerable patients against the omikron variant of the covid virus: a world first. Anima Research Center will be commissioned by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to test the new antibody treatment. The research

  • Summary of Findings - Curasen therapeutics, Inc.

    - 1.07.23

    A total of 41 patients were enrolled. Everyone received CST-103 + CST-107 (which we will call "active therapy") in one treatment period and pills that looked similar to CST-103 and CST-107 but which contained no drug (which we will call "placebo") in a second treatment period. However, the order of active therapy and placebo was

  • BREAKOUT! First RSV vaccine approved for the elderly

    - 1.07.23

    Within Anima Research, various clinical trials are being conducted in the fight against RSV. Here, the quality of data collection and ensuring patient safety are central. All these efforts, of which we have been a part, have led to an important breakthrough: the approval of a first vaccine for the protection against a

  • Positive results of research treatment-resistant depression

    Alken - 30.11.22

    Suffering from depression that does not respond to existing treatments is obviously one of the most profoundly human diseases. Our principal investigator and CEO Dr. Erik Buntinx, psychiatrist, as one of the world experts on depression, has been researching new treatments for depression, including esketamine, for decades. This research has very recently led to a new breakthrough, published by

  • Anima Research Center participates in research on RSV vaccine

    DIEPENBEEK - 14.09.22

    Belgium's largest clinical research center encourages further participation in studies to evaluate vaccines Anima Research Center is currently recruiting participants to participate in a clinical trial for an RSV vaccine by Moderna Alken, Belgium - Sept. 15, 2022: One of Europe's largest leading clinical research centers, Anima Research Center, based in Alken, Belgium, calls

  • UNICEF signs supply agreement for Clover COVID-19 vaccine

    NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN - 21.02.22

    NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN, 7 December 2021 - UNICEF and Clover Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. have signed a long-term agreement for the supply of the Clover COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the COVAX Facility.

  • Anima expands: overview of news items

    Diepenbeek - 18.02.22

    On 1 June, the Anima Research Centre will open a department at the Health Campus in Diepenbeek. This will allow for closer cooperation in the future between Hasselt University and the test centre in Alken, where vaccines are tested.

  • Positive results from research on excessive sleepiness (idiopathic hypersomnia)

    Diepenbeek - 12.01.22

    Last year, Anima Research Center participated in a clinical trial in patients suffering from excessive sleep drive or idiopathic hypersomnia. This is a condition characterized primarily by excessive daytime sleepiness and prolonged sleepiness at night that often causes patients to have difficulty functioning in daily life. Here there was previously no medication