Clinical studies for optimal medication.

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Clinical studies are indispensable for the development of newer and better drugs.

ANIMA Research Center (ARC) is a highly specialized medical research center and has been conducting clinical trials for testing new drugs for more than 25 years.

Since 2018, ARC is also one of the world's largest testing centers for vaccines and other preventive treatment methods.

In the spotlight!

From the beginning, it's all about the patients.

Venn Life Sciences - part of hVIVO plc is pleased to partner with Anima Research Center to support successful clinical trials because #patientcentricity is in our bloodstream, not just a buzzword.

Thank you Erik Buntinx, Linde Buntinx, Stijn Bollen for your warm hospitality on your site! Katsuhiro Mihar RPh PhD, Marieke Van den Dobbelsteen, Arthur Noach, Anneke Blom Isabelle Ackermann, Alice Tourneroche and I look forward to working with you!

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