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The ARC Team is led by Founding CEO and Principal Investigator Dr Erik Buntinx, psychiatrist. He has more than 25 years of experience as a Key Opinion Leader in global CNS and other drug development.

Led by ARC's dedicated and highly experienced team, all our studies are coordinated and conducted according to the rules of the art.

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ARC's Organisation Chart

Principal Investigator

Managing director
Dr Erik Buntinx


Chief Development Officer
Linde Buntinx, PhD

Jelte Andries

Head of Pharmacy
Tine Vanschoonbeek

Chief Medical Officer
Dr Bernard Veekmans

Chief Operating Officer
Siegfried Vanderbeke

Study Operations Manager
Ine Vercammen

Clinical Operations

Research physicians
Dr Erik Buntinx
Dr Hilde Bollen

Dr Bernard Veekmans
Dr Caroline Dejonckheere
Dr Laurent Veekmans
Dr Elfi Louwet

Admin & Recruitment
Christa Menten
Kristel Heeren

Project leads
Mirjam de Maeyer
Ronald Germeijs
Sigi Daels
Wesley Pulinx
Sara Ventura

Tine Vanschoonbeek

Data entry / Lab / Study Nurse
On Call

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