Dr. Erik Buntinx

CEO / Principal Investigator

Dr. Erik Buntinx, psychiatrist and founder of Anima, a private medical center with more than 500 patients under current treatment as well as an integrated clinical and pharmacological research unit, has studied several thousand patients in clinical trials for more than 30 years. These have often led to medications used worldwide. As a result, Dr. Erik Buntinx is known as a global expert on investigational new drugs with in-depth knowledge of key clinical scales, research methods and study protocols.

From his expertise in drug development, Dr. Erik Buntinx has been able to partner the Anima Research Center with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, parent company of Janssen Pharmaceutica and MSD as well as a number of specialized service companies such as IQVIA and PPD.

Dr. Erik Buntinx fulfills the role of Chief Executive Officer and Principal Investigator within Anima Research Center. This makes him responsible for acquiring and executing all study assignments.

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