Doctor Buntinx: "There is a solution: vaccine where only one vaccination is needed".

Doctor Erik Buntinx of the Alken research centre Anima is delighted that he and his team can contribute to the war effort to find a good vaccine. "We think there is only one possible solution. And that is a very effective and very easy to use vaccine. One administration that protects immediately, and that for the entire world population," Dr Buntinx says.

Pressure is also mounting for vaccines to be approved quickly. Doctor Buntinx has noticed that there is an enormous willingness among volunteers to test Janssen Pharmaceutica's vaccine. "They want to get rid of this terrible situation, and they want to be protected as soon as possible," says Dr. Buntinx.

Janssen Pharmaceutica's vaccine could be an important vaccine in the vaccination strategy. After all, only one vaccination is needed and the vaccine can be kept in the refrigerator. "We expect top results next week. In the first study, only one vaccination was administered. If the results of that study are good, it means that one dose is enough to protect you from the coronavirus."

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