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After the necessary inspections, the ANIMA Research Centre received the accreditations to test 2 candidate vaccines against the coronavirus. In addition, we may also conduct research for a preventive treatment based on artificial antibodies.
For these 3 studies, which all belong to the final phase III and where the medication has therefore already been tested for safety on a large number of patients, more than 1,000 subjects are eligible via the ANIMA Research Center.

Participants must be older than 12 years. Candidates with a confirmed Corona infection can participate, but it must not be an active infection!
Individuals with underlying conditions (diabetes, kidney disease, etc) are also eligible.

Each study includes a comprehensive pre-examination, a vaccination day and several follow-up days (monthly for the first 3-4 months and then every 6-12 months).

The studies are commissioned by 3 renowned international pharmaceutical companies. After thorough inspections, ANIMA received the necessary accreditations to conduct these studies. Moreover, each study conducted by ANIMA is approved by one of the central ethics committees of the Flemish universities. This ensures that everything is done according to the necessary legal and deontological rules. Your safety when participating in one of our studies is thus optimally guaranteed.

Based on the initial screening, the ANIMA medical team will advise the participants on which study they can best commit to. However, the subject will also be free to choose which study he or she wishes to participate in. Each participant will receive financial compensation for their participation.

Frequently asked questions

A clinical study with a new drug must always be conducted according to strict national and international rules and guidelines. The studies that take place at the ANIMA Research Centre are always submitted for approval to one of the Central Ethics Committees of the Flemish universities. Such a committee, consisting of highly specialised doctors, independently assesses whether the proposed study may proceed or not and under what conditions. To this end, they check whether:

  • we have built up our clinical research well and meaningfully
  • our clinical trials do not pose too many risks to the participants
  • we provide the right information to our participants
  • our participants voluntarily agree to participate

Participants sign a consent form confirming their approval to participate. This ensures your safety when participating in one of our studies.

National and international bodies check whether we strictly comply with the applicable rules and guidelines. For our centre, these include the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP), the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These bodies carry out the required audits on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the participating patients and the integrity of the studies conducted.

Participation in a clinical study is always free of charge for the patient. Even if it is necessary to stay one night at the ANIMA Research Centre.
Depending on the study, the participant may or may not be reimbursed for his/her participation.

The research programmes carried out by Anima Research Centre are commissioned by internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies.

In terms of logistics, we are usually supported by the largest company in the world in this regard, IQVIA (formerly Quintiles).

The ARC Team is led by Managing Director and Principal Investigator Dr Erik Buntinx, psychiatrist. He has more than 25 years of experience as a Key Opinion Leader in global CNS drug development.

Our intensively trained research team of doctors, including 2 CNS specialists and 2 general practitioners with extensive clinical experience and a thorough knowledge of clinical factors, treat more than 600 patients per week.

Under the leadership of ARC's dedicated site manager Linde Buntinx, PhD in Bio-Medical Sciences, all our studies are coordinated and carried out according to the rules of the art.

All this, of course, ensures that when you participate in such a study, you have the best quality guarantees.

Before a patient can participate in a study with a new medicinal product, the physician in charge will carry out an examination of the patient's general health condition and will check whether the patient is eligible for the study.

From the moment the new medicine is taken, extensive medical examinations are carried out at regular intervals to check that the new medicine is safe and effective.

Depending on the study, several study days are planned during which the patient is examined in detail by a team of doctors and specialised nurses.

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