Our high-tech facilities, warm care

The medical examination facilities cover more than 2,000 m², including 11 fully equipped examination rooms, an intensive monitoring and treatment unit with 12 individual bedrooms, 2 on-site GMP-compliant storage rooms for medications and 2 specialised labs for processing and storing biological samples, 2 fully equipped Polysomnography (PSG) installations and meeting rooms for monitoring, initiation and close-out visits.

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500m² equipped research centre

All facilities are available

Day and night accommodation

12 treatment rooms with high-tech video, sound, light, humidity and temperature monitoring.

11 equipped examination rooms

Performing physical examination,
measurement of vital parameters, 12-lead ECG, etc.

Access control

Full batch controlled access to all rooms with specific delegation according to function and permanent registration.

Meeting possibilities

Offices (6) and meeting rooms (3) for initiation, monitoring and close-out visits as well as audits with the pharmaceutical companies, strictly separated from research work with participants to ensure anonymity.

3 Waiting and relaxation areas

Spacious lounge with kitchenette and sofa
2 archives with strict electronic access control.
Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring
as well as strict electronic access control.

Two on-site GLP-compliant labs

Processing and storage of biological samples with continuous temperature and humidity monitoring according to the international Good Lab Practice standard.

2 GDP-compliant pharmacy areas with bio-safety certification

Rooms fully equipped in accordance with international Good Distribution Practice (GDP). This is where the experimental medication is stored in accordance with the very specific safety procedures of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) and allocated to the study participant. These strictly secured medication rooms are certified by the FAMHP.

Insured 24/24H Medical Permanence

As the Anima Research Centre is located on the private campus of the family Dr. Erik Buntinx - Dr. Hilde Bollen, there is always at least one doctor present when a study participant is in attendance, and this within walking distance.
Accessibility is further assured by an internal electronic telephony system and a specific professional WIFI-network that is active across the entire campus and in all its buildings. In this way, every participant in a study is assured of the necessary immediate medical intervention.
This is what sets the Anima Research Centre apart from the rest.
An important guarantee for the participant, the sponsor and the supervising authorities.

Our patients are heroes. Thanks to their treatment research, we are improving the lives of many other people with the same condition.
You can feel that, we are all going for the same goal.

Do you have any questions about our investigations?

Dr. Erik Buntinx, Psychiatrist
Founding CEO/ Principal Investigator

Working together for a better world

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